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Roofs, Decks and Patios

Lightweight synthetic turf for rooftops, patios, and decks in Nashville, TN

Artificial grass can be found in many places across Nashville, TN, but one of the more surprising places one might find it is on rooftops. Roof lawns are becoming increasingly popular for private residences as well as business locations. In spite of their aesthetic appeal, roof lawns can be difficult to maintain and not all rooftops can support the heavy weight of natural sod. Synthetic turf, on the other hand, provides Nashville with a lightweight, low-maintenance alternative for roof lawns as well as patio and deck grass. Rooftops, decks and patios are valuable outdoor space, especially for city dwellers, so it comes as no surprise that homeowners and businesses would want to enhance these areas.

Not only does artificial grass provide a lush, beautiful aesthetic to any location, it is also much easier to maintain and is far less expensive than natural grass, tile flooring, or composite or wood decking. Its lighter weight means that almost any roof, deck or patio can support synthetic turf whereas there are many that cannot hold the weight of sod. Furthermore, since artificial grass does not need to be mowed or watered, there is no need to worry about hauling a lawnmower up to the roof or patio or dealing with water runoff. Deck and patio grass not only improves the aesthetic of those spaces, but also provides a soft, comfortable surface, perfect for going barefoot without the worry of splinters or uncomfortable heat.

SYNLawn artificial grass - commercial rooftop lounge furniture area
SYNLawn artificial grass - roof/outdoor patio furniture idea

Our synthetic turf offers several benefits, such as:

• Converts unused areas into usable living space
• Turn decks and patios into spaces for entertaining guests
• Lightweight alternative to other deck and roof materials
• Low maintenance and easy to clean
• Class 1 Fire Rating, making it safe to use for commercial locations
• HeatBlock™ technology helps maintain a comfortable temperature
• And more!

Rooftop lawns or gardens, as well as deck and patio grass, add beauty and charm to a home or office and increase the amount of usable space available. The possibilities are endless when you install artificial grass at your home or business in Nashville. Call SYNLawn at (615) 258-5591 or contact us online today for a FREE quote!