About SYNLawn Nashville

SYNLawn Nashville provides premier artificial grass, also known as “fake grass” far and wide across the state of Tennessee. SYNLawn is the industry-leading manufacturer of landscape, playground, pet, and golf artificial turf products across North America for over a half a century. SYNLawn is the pioneer in bio-based environmentally friendly synthetic grass products and systems and is our commitment to ensure your next synthetic grass project is safe for you, your family, pets, friends and to mother nature. Our artificial grass products are the most durable on the market and we stand by this by backing our products with a 15-year warranty. Choose from any of our wide variety of products for any application needs. We design our artificial turf specifically for K-9s, dogs, pets, playgrounds, golf, putting greens, agility training, track, lawn & landscape, patio, rooftops and commercial applications.


Were committed to protecting the environment and our products prove it.

Artificial grass is the future of “sustainable/green” lawns and safer stomping grounds for our pets to children to play on without health concerns. SYNLawn of Nashville’s artificial turf systems greatly reduce the amount of unsafe chemicals and fertilizers that are leached into our ground water to keep your natural grass green. Our synthetic grass is green without water and will reduce your irrigation bill 99.9% conserving thousands of gallons of our greatest natural resource. Artificial turf is never in need of mowing or trimming and greatly reduces the amount of carbon emissions from equipment to maintain a traditional yard and even reduces your allergies from your grass pollen.

SYNLawn artificial grass - golf back yard putting green elevations
SYNLawn artificial grass - nursery school play surface


Our experience at every level helps you take it to the next level.

Now the playgrounds our children play on have the ability to be safe and compliant with codes year round with SYNLawn’s Playground Systems. Our systems do not require crumb rubber infill to be safe, compliant or to create an impact attenuation layer. Let us show you why our innovative HIC compliant, IPEMA Certified artificial grass system provides you a long-term compliant solution for your existing or new playground project. We encourage you to read our Case Studies that are real life accounts of other surfaces fail and why ours meet the test of safety and time.


We’re positive we can save you money in the long haul with our solutions.

SYNLawn of Nashville’s artificial turf is a measurable economic value for commercial and residential applications. Annual maintenance costs including watering, mowing, and fertilization is no longer needed to maintain a nice lush green appearance when you use our artificial turf landscape products. No matter the traffic, no matter the conditions, our products are built to last and save you on maintenance costs over time. Let us provide you with our natural vs. artificial cost analysis for your business or residence to see if SYNLawn of Nashville can save your hard earned money over the long haul. We even offer various forms of financing to help you achieve you long-term goals getting the final product that you want.


We know turf better than anyone else and are game for any challenge.

Because every project and is customizable with different requirements, we encourage you to reach out to one of our SYNLawn of Nashville team members through email or by telephone. Our team will work with to create your unique design that meets all of your needs. No customer or project is to big or too small. SYNLawn of Nashville is here to help!


We’ll travel far and wide to provide you the service you deserve.

SYNLawn of Nashville provides installation, maintenance, and distribution services all across the state of Tennessee. Cities like Nashville, Murfreesboro, Clarksville, Hendersonville, Franklin, Brentwood, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Jackson and Memphis have seen the benefit of what SYNLawn has to offer and what SYNLawn of Nashville is here to provide.