Artificial Grass for Agility Training & Track

Durable, cushioned synthetic track turf surfaces for athletic training

It could be said that nobody puts a greater strain on turf than athletes do and nobody needs high-quality turf quite as they do. At SYNLawn, we provide some of the highest quality artificial grass in Nashville, TN for agility training and track turf with both professional installation and DIY options available. By installing our synthetic turf in sports fields, indoor gyms and other venues where athletes hone their abilities, you provide them with a durable, cushioned surface for their craft. Able to withstand the rigors of their activities, our artificial grass is also soft enough to protect them from injuries should a falling accident occur. Installing the unique TrackTurf™ or SpeedTurf™ from SYNLawn makes speed drills and agility training safer and more productive for your athletes.

SYNLawn artificial grass agility indoor weight room and gym
Blue and white turf track surrounding a Nashville baseball field.

Easy to Clean

Since our specialized agility training and track turf do not use infill, it is much easier to keep clean and disinfected, reducing the risk of mold growth and staph infections and keeping athletes healthy.

Agility Turf Applications

Not only is our synthetic turf pet-friendly, but it is suitable for a wide variety of sports applications. Install our artificial grass for aerobatics, tennis courts, soccer fields, batting cages, weight lifting areas, gym floors, shot-put/hammer training, sled pulls, strength and agility training, and more!

Increased Performance

Specially designed for agility training, every piece of our TrackTurf™ and SpeedTurf™ is engineered to enhance speed and performance. Our artificial grass is less abrasive, resulting in less friction than pure nylon surfaces thanks to the low pile blended polyethylene and nylon we use to construct our turf combined with a 5-millimeter foam back.

Helps Prevent Common Injuries

Our reinforced foam base layer helps to reduce impact for athletes through innovative shock absorbency. This helps to protect athletes from jolts, shin splints, muscular exhaustion, lower back fatigue, and other chronic injuries that often result from improper shock absorption.

Custom Colors Available

Our specialized agility training and track turf comes in a variety of colors and designs so you can proudly display your colors, whether representing your university, sports team, or any design you choose.

Throughout Nashville, TN and surrounding cities, our artificial grass helps athletes perform at their very best while protecting them from common sports injuries. With professional installation and an industry-leading warranty, our synthetic track turf is the best option for your agility training and sporting needs. Call us at (615) 258-5591 or contact us online today for a FREE design consultation!

Best Rated Products Agility Training & Track Turf

These are the best rated products

SYNPlay 60 Series

SKU: SPG60 | Total Weight: 116 oz. | Warranty: 9 years
SYNPlay 60 Series

The lightweight champion of safety, the SYNPlay G60 series is constructed with both kids and training athletes in mind. Constructed with a durable, non-abrasive surface coupled with an energy absorbing backing pad to help reduce stress on joints and the risk of common playtime, exercise, and practice injuries. Available in 7 standard colors with custom colors also available.

SYNLawn Precision Putt

SKU: SG326 | Total Weight: 73 oz. | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*
SYNLawn Precision Putt

Offering golfers the same level of performance expected from a professional golf course the SYNLawn Precision Putt synthetic putting green surface delivers the most realistic experience available. Made using 100% Nylon fibers for an enduring natural appearance and performance which will last for years to come in all climates. Recommended for the intermediate to advanced golfer seeking consistent ball roll performance and accurate chip shots.

SYNLawn Precision Putt Review

I Love it! Why have a traditional lawn when you can have a putting green? What a blast. Fun every day and no mowing. Extremely easy to care for.
Author: smitty

Could not be more pleased. Smooth surface, excellent roll with just the right speed.
Author: creese

I am thoroughly enjoying my new backyard addition. I am even more pleased with the product than I anticipated because not only is it helping me to improve my putting & chipping skills, I REALLY like the improved appearance of my backyard. Adding the SYNLawn feature to my home makes me happy to spend time in my backyard that I have not appreciated in the past. I'm so happy with my new "toy" that I'm already considering extending the putting surface.
Author: Mike

Wanted to compliment Larry Roy and his team from Synlawn Ottawa for the fantastic job in designing and constructing my golf green. It turned out better than expected and I'm looking forward to years of enjoyment with friends and family. Larry was extremely professionally and has a real attention to detail.
Author: Steve McEwen

My husband and grandkids love it !!!! Our new 1723 sq. ft. Synlawn also looks wonderful.
Author: our yard

Replaced my old putting green with SYNLawn Precision Putt. Looks great with a more true roll.
Author: Dave46

This is an awesome putting surface and it looks beautiful!!
Author: Gary

SYNBermuda 211

SKU: SD211 | Total Weight: 86 oz. | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*
SYNBermuda 211

Paving the way for heavy foot traffic, SYNBermuda 211 sits at a stout 1-inch high pile height and is ready for action. Flexibility and resiliency are two of the most notable traits which have kept this multi-use synthetic grass variety at the top of the heap since it's introduction. Recommended for daily use for the most demanding applications and can be used almost anywhere you can think to put artificial turf.

SYNBermuda 211 Review

Years ago I contemplated getting an artificial lawn, but they were so cheap looking and felt the same way. Now I own one and am the talk of the neighborhood. It cleans up quick and looks good year round. one of the better choices i made, and the installation went off without a hitch. it looks the same as the day it was installed.
Author: Fishy

We have had our product for about a year. It cleans up with water and we vacuum it often. The color is good, the feel great. We use it in 1/4 of a water conservative landscape and it is under our 'meditation' tent. We so totally love this product.
Author: bakoparadise

I purchase this approximately 4 months ago and the appearance of the grass looks so real and made a huge difference on my front yard.
Author: Rudy26

wanted yard with no maintenance. Synthetic lawn came out great. Looks awesome, clean looking. Bob Miranda explained everything well, and installation crew were professional and efficient.
Author: johnotto

Crew was great and explained care very well. wonderful job installing.
Author: Anthony

we love are new lawn and so due are three dogs. the lawn is beautiful and the price cant be beat. the product we purchase was pet friendly no more urine smell on hot summer days. love lawn so much recommended to friends and they purchased as well. one year and lawn looks brand. just proves you don't have to spend 12,000 dollars to have great lawn. thank you SYNLawn
Author: JJ44