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  • February 19, 2018
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How to Care for Artificial Grass in

Man sweeping artificial lawn

Lawn maintenance shouldn’t be a time-consuming activity. Installing synthetic turf at your Nashville residence is an investment in yourself because it lets you reclaim your weekends and spend more time enjoying your favorite activities. We’ve made it easy to take care of your synthetic grass. Follow these steps and you’ll have a lush, green lawn all year long.

Keep it Clean
Dust and debris are going to affect your lawn during all seasons. Leaves and branches should be cleared off of your lawn as soon as possible. If left for a long period of time, debris can clump together and cause unnecessary damage to your grass fibers. To eliminate this issue, sweep or rake away anything that doesn’t belong in your yard and quickly spray the area with a hose. The water will remove any dirt the broom or rake did not pick up.

Brush your Lawn
Our synthetic fibers are top-of-the-line and can withstand constant use without showing wear or tear. This is why it’s great for patios because it can withstand a heavy amount of foot traffic. To bring your lawn back to life, use a stiff rubber or plastic brush (never metal) to “fluff” the grass fibers. This will refresh your lawn and help it stand upright again.

Cleaning Animal Waste
Having pets and a beautiful green lawn never used to coexist because pet waste usually presents itself in brown, dead patches of grass. Fortunately, that is a thing of the past. Nashville pet owners are installing synthetic turf in their yards because it helps keep your lawn beautiful, even after pets use it. It’s also easy to clean! Through years of research, we’ve developed an installation technique that allows for liquid pet waste to drain at a speed of up 30 inches per hour. That eliminates standing puddles of water or waste for a cleaner, more hygienic yard. Solid waste can be disposed of just like you normally would. Simply hose down the area after removal to restore your yard’s original beauty.

When developing our artificial grass, we made sure it would be easy to care for and maintain. Because of this, families can enjoy the outdoors instead of spending precious time on the weekend tending to their lawns. For a free quote, contact us today.