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  • December 22, 2017
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How to Improve Your Golf Game with
Artificial Golf Greens

Most professional golfers will tell you that the secret to improving your golf game is by practicing on your very own artificial turf. With the help of golf extraordinaire Dave Pelz, SYNLawn has developed top-of-the-line artificial golf green for your Nashville home. By installing one of SYNLawn Nashville’s golf greens, you’ll start to see an improvement in your performance on the course.

SYNLawn Golf Products
Every golfer is different and that’s why we have different options of artificial golf greens to install at your Nashville home. Our expert installation team can help you find the perfect artificial turf based on your available space and level of expertise. For the most realistic performing artificial golf green available, we recommend our SYNLawn ShotStopper. This turf is designed to behave like real grass by absorbing the energy of the ball. For golfers who can’t commit to a permanent fixture, our Dave Pelz GreenMaker™ is a system we created to have the ability to assemble in 20 min, and it comes in 4 sizes. All you need is a flat surface and you can assemble the tiles to create your own personal putting green. Finally, for golfers with very limited space, SYNLawn offers portable golf greens. These can be used on any flat surface, indoors or out, so your options are endless. The portable putting green features a non-skid backing that helps it stay in place.

Real Grass vs. Artificial Turf
One thing we hear from golfers that use our artificial turf at their Nashville homes is that the differences between real turf and SYNLawn artificial turf are hard to spot. Our golf greens were designed this way, so you can take what you learn at home right to the course. Our golf greens promise:
• Consistent ball roll that mimics the behavior of real turf
• Natural slow down characteristics of the ball

Our putting surfaces also come with customizable surfaces. Choose from fairway, rough and fringe surfaces to create the ultimate course that will help you practice the perfect flop or chip shots.

All of SYNLawn’s artificial golf greens are a low-maintenance product, which means more time spent doing what really matters: golfing. Our golf products require very little water, stay green all year long, and are always cut to the perfect height.

Practice, Practice, Practice!
Once you have your golf green installed, it’s time to practice. According to professional golfer Dave Pelz, the best way to improve your golf game is by starting with your short game. The short game is anything within 125 yards of the hole, and it’s also where 80% of shots are missed. By practicing on your golf turf, you can improve your shot and effectively lower your handicap.

Golfers of all skill level can improve their game by practicing on custom putting greens. Let our installation experts help you decide which artificial turf will work best from you and your space. Start improving your short game today and contact us for a free on-site consultation.