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  • November 20, 2018
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Prepare Your Lawn for Cold Weather

Residential font yard landscape with artificial grass in Nashville

The weather is changing in Franklin, Tennessee and it is time to think about how to care for your landscaping as it gets colder. This can be a challenge, but our artificial grass is the perfect solution to any potential cold weather lawn care woes. SYNLawn is engineered with materials specifically designed to withstand cooler temperatures as well as multiple forms of precipitation and wind. Let us help you and your family enjoy the fun of falling leaves and winter frost without the stress of tedious lawn care!


Keep Lawn Care Simple

Lawn care during the fall and winter months in Franklin, TN doesn’t have to be a chore; we can make it simple and easy. This is because our synthetic grass does not freeze or become brittle when the temperature drops. No more brown or bare spots on your lawn. Our artificial grass comes in multiple color options to provide a natural appearance regardless of the season.


Technology to Withstand All Seasons

The technology of our SYNLawn artificial grass holds up well to rain or snow. Our products have backing that is heavily perforated to provide consistent drainage, even in heavy rainfall. As a SYNLawn customer, there will be no more puddles or mud to be tracked inside. When the weather warms up, any remaining liquid will be easily drained through. This will ensure that there is no liquid left to collect on the surface of your lawn.


Our realistic artificial turf comes with several other advantages such as:


  • Reduces water consumption by up to 70 percent
  • Never needs to be mowed, fertilized or weeded
  • Safe and comfortable for pets and children
  • Easy to clean and maintain


SYNLawn has Omega technology to keep the synthetic grass cool during the warm Tennessee summers in Franklin. This new fiber shape naturally refracts light, deflecting heat for cooler surface temperatures.


Combine with Living Landscaping

One of the best ways to keep your lawn in top condition all year round is to install SYNLawn artificial grass. A wide variety of our products can be easily incorporated alongside living landscaping to help frame focal points. We’ll create natural, even and manicured edging around trees, shrubs and flower beds. Installing SYNLawn artificial grass ensures that every feature of your landscaping becomes a seamless part of your home’s design.


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