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  • August 30, 2018
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What You Need to Know About
Artificial Pet Grass

Small dog standing on artificial pet grass in Nashville, TN

Pet owners are cautious when it comes to what they provide for their animals. This includes toys, treats, food and everyday items they use. That’s why SYNLawn developed artificial pet turf that is safe for pets to use and provides owners with a low-maintenance alternative to natural grass. Let your pets experience a new level of security and cleanliness with artificial grass installed at your Nashville home.

Pest Control

Fleas and ticks can wreak havoc on your lawn and especially your dog’s health. Real grass creates the ideal environment for these pests to thrive. Our premium synthetic grass fibers do not allow for the survival of these insects. There is no soil, so pests cannot burrow into the ground or hide. You can ensure your pets are more protected than ever thanks to our signature pet turf.

Odor Control

Most families share their outdoor space with their pets, which can be inconvenient if there are unpleasant scents from pet waste. Our pet systems use infill that that is infused with antimicrobial protection. This innovative technology effectively reduces odors, repels stains and protects against deterioration. All our pet systems utilize this type of infill for a comfortable experience when your family spends time outside.

Enjoyed by Dogs of All Sizes

Our artificial pet turf is completely customizable to meet the needs of your dog. Whether you’re a one-dog household or run a doggy daycare, we install pet grass installations that are durable and long-lasting. Small and large breeds alike can enjoy our grass. We offer added protection for pets that use the yard more than others might. Our security package guards against heavy use, pulling, digging, and even chewing. Our strong synthetic fibers can handle it all.

High Drainage Rates

All of our landscaping and lawn applications feature some of the best drainage rates in the industry. We took this a step further with our pet systems and designed a specialized type of turf with extra draining capabilities. Our goal is to remove liquid waste from your lawn as quickly as possible. That’s why we double-punched our backing to allow for 90-inches of liquid to drain every hour. With such an optimal removal rate, you and your family never have to worry about left over messes creating an unsanitary environment. You can easily rinse the surface with a garden hose to clean any leftover residue.

Beautiful Green Grass All Year Long

One of the biggest down sides to using natural grass in your pet area is the appearance of brown spots where they do their business. This can happen even if you take impeccable care of your lawn. Artificial grass is green year-round, no matter where your dog spends their time. Our synthetic grass fibers also withstand walking and will hold their shape. Don’t waste hours tending to your lawn only to see it die. Choose our artificial grass that requires very little maintenance to retain its lush appearance.

Your pet deserves the very best, both inside your home and out. Give them a safe place to run and play that can still be enjoyed by everyone else in the family. Contact us today to request your free consultation!