Commercial Playground Turf

Safe and secure natural grass alternative for Nashville’s playgrounds

The safety of children is one of the primary concerns of any location where they may gather and especially where they play. Schools, day care centers and public parks especially have to take precautions to ensure child safety, as they could be held legally responsible for any injuries that may occur on playgrounds. This is why SYNLawn is proud to offer our high-quality synthetic playground turf in Nashville, TN for all manner of commercial applications. From schools and municipal playgrounds to indoor day cares and play centers, our artificial grass is safe, healthy and durable enough to withstand the heavy traffic of playing children while protecting them from falling injuries.

Hard surfaces like abrasive gravel, asphalt or even simple dirt provide almost no protection against falling injuries, and let’s be honest: when children play outside, an occasional fall is inevitable. Any parent can tell you that, but falls don’t necessarily result in an injury, especially with proper protection. That is why all of our artificial playground turf is ASTM HIC tested and certified by the IPEMA for falls up to ten feet. The padded layer installed under our artificial grass products provides a safe place for children to land so they can continue to play and parents can be worry-free.

Tall blue slide on a Nashville artificial grass play area.
Nashville synthetic turf rooftop patio with a bocce court in the middle.

Installing artificial grass at your Nashville playground, school or other commercial location comes with a number of benefits, including:

  • Approved fall attenuation in accordance with CSA and IPEMA standards
  • Non-allergenic landscaping
  • Omega Technology for maximum durability and temperature control
  • Superior drainage rate of 30 inches per hour
  • No more grass stains or muddy footprints
  • Beautiful and green all year long
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • And much more!

In addition to providing top-of-the-line artificial grass for commercial playgrounds, SYNLawn Nashville proudly offers professional installation and an industry-leading warranty, but DIY options are available as well. If you have a responsibility to maintain and keep a public or private playground safe for children, then our artificial playground turf is the perfect solution for you! Call us at (615) 258-5591 or contact us online today for a FREE design consultation!

Best Rated Products For Playground Applications

These are the best rated products for playground and park applications

SYNPlay 60 Series

SKU: SPG60 | Total Weight: 116 oz. | Warranty: 9 years
SYNPlay 60 Series

The lightweight champion of safety, the SYNPlay G60 series is constructed with both kids and training athletes in mind. Constructed with a durable, non-abrasive surface coupled with an energy absorbing backing pad to help reduce stress on joints and the risk of common playtime, exercise, and practice injuries. Available in 7 standard colors with custom colors also available.

SYNAugustine 347

SKU: SA347 | Total Weight: 104 oz. | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*
SYNAugustine 347

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, SYNAugustine 347 employs a multi-colored fusion of natural grass colors and thick tan thatch zone to create our softest, most realistic looking turf variety to date. At a full 2" pile height, olive, apple, and field green soft omega-shaped grass blades combine with dense thatch create a luxuriously soft and alluring synthetic grass. When installed this turf variety replicates the real thing so closely, it will be a challenge for your neighbors to tell if it's real grass or if its fake.

SYNAugustine 347 Review

We went back and forth on putting this product in our back yard and now we wish we would have done it sooner! Best money ever spent and now instead of dirt we have a lawn. We tired every type of grass possible and it would not grow in our back yard. We have one big dog and she too is enjoying the new lawn! We had SYNlawn Chesapeake Bay put our product in and it was so worth the money for install. There is a lot to the process and so much before work to make sure it will last. They were so helpful, professional and the whole process was very easy on our end. We highly recommend using them if you are think about buying this product. We are in the middle of winter and have amazing wonderful green grass and not mud!! LOVE IT!!
Author: Bonk

SYNLawn is a fantastic vendor. I have purchased artificial grass from them on several TV productions including ABC's The Black Box and on multiple season's of HBO's Girls. We have extremely high standards in TV production; the grass needs to look realistic- even on HD. SYNLawn's product is outstanding and their customer service is the best out there. Anastasia, the owner, is personable and will jump through hoops to accommodate your timeline. I can't recommend SYNLawn highly enough. If you need artificial grass, this is your vendor.
Author: MolliefromGirls

We chose this product because of a 400 sq foot area next to our pool that was too shady to grow grass. On top of that - our dog made a mess of it every time she came out of the pool soaking wet. It was a mud pit. The installation went well and the prodcut has worked eautifully. Despite tropical rainstorms the area drains completely. One of our biggest concerns was developing a urine smell but we haven't noticed that either. When lawn furniture is moved the grass bounces up again nicely. The only chore is that I now need to regularly blow the area to prevent accumulation of leaves - but that is a nice tradeoff for a clean and dry space!
Author: Mike

We had SYnlawn put in a rounded rectangle of grass with a paver border this month. It was overall a great experience Katie Snead came out and showed us samples of grass that works well with pets, measured, and answered all questions we had then and later. The installers: William, Poncho, and Mario did a wonderful job. The only reason we gave them four is we had a hiccup of the company putting the wrong infill in, but they were great and came back in and change the infill to the correct within the week. Overall the dogs love the grass and it looks great. I definitely would recommend this company.
Author: roo

I haven't quit saying great things about this product since it's install, 6 months ago. First, this is quite possibly the best investment I have made for the amount of use it gets. It's expensive BUT the reward is beyond the price and I'll happily pay the future bills related to it because 1) The dogs are clean, through rain and shine, and thus the house is clean. 2) there is a psychological effect to an inviting yard, like an inviting room and we ALL use this yard now. Last year no one would touch the yard. Now the neighborhood kids flock to it and my video game daughter PLAYS in it. I even find myself eating lunch out there and sitting on the swing on nice evenings with my daughter out there.
Author: Billy

I had multiple companies come out and quote our back yard for turf. They were very competitive and with their coupon you just couldn't beat the price. The sales rep was wonderful and I didn't feel like I was getting a high pressure sales job when I went in the showroom. Install crew was great and they got it done in 2 days. I would highly recommend them. We had one small thing I called about after the install and they were back out there within a couple of days to fix and all is great! They stand by their product.
Author: Sabrina