Franklin, TN Artificial Turf Landscaping

High-performance turf for residential and commercial landscape designs


The city of Franklin is on a steady growth incline for new home development and great job opportunities with well-established professions. While you’re focusing on your professional development, let SYNLawn make life at home easier. We provide always green landscape solutions to busy homeowners and commercial property owners.


A high-quality landscape design is something to be proud of and sets the tone for welcoming visitors. Before choosing a lawn surface, there are differences between natural sod and artificial grass that you should consider. The amount of work that goes into maintaining the lawn is the first thing to take into account. Save yourself from the feeling dread that comes with reviving dead grass. Our polyethylene or nylon blend synthetic grass fibers never need to be mowed, watered, or fertilized, yet it replicates a full lawn look no matter where it is used.

Artificial grass lawn surrounding a brick paver driveway

There are myths associated with using artificial grass in residential and community landscaping, however these are often outdated and misinformed opinions.


  • Does it look fake? It really doesn’t. SYNLawn has developed the most realistic look and feel in the artificial turf industry. We have studied various types of natural sod and replicated it from the root to the tip, so it looks, moves, and feels more natural.


  • Is the surface too hot to use in summer? SYNLawn uses an exclusive HeatBlock Technology in our turf that reflects heat instead of absorbing it. This keeps surface temperatures low, so you can use your turf all year round. We also encourage the use of water-absorbing infills that can slow release this moisture to keep the surface cool.


  • Won’t it attract pet odors? Natural sod is unable to withstand pet urine, and that is what results in the unpleasant smell. Artificial pet turf does not turn yellow and drains pet waste straight below the turf into the drainage foundation. You can also use an infill that is designed for odor protection for a cleaner yard space.

Those who have allergies can also benefit from a synthetic lawn. Natural sod allows mud and pollen to be tracked into the home or business from the lawn. Our products are completely mud-free and effectively prevent the growth of weeds and other grass-related allergens.


For those with a commercial business or educational facility, SYNLawn artificial grass is long-lasting in all areas of high-traffic. It doesn’t need as much upkeep as natural sod, and there will be less downtime between field uses since you will not need to re-sod, fertilize, or repaint lines for athletic uses.


SYNLawn can help ensure a beautiful lawn that is a part of the burgeoning small town’s rich history. We are making it easier for Franklin residents to have a beautiful and functional landscape design. Learn more about SYNLawn and our turf by contacting us for a free design consultation at your home or business.